honesty hour v

I have been comparing myself to other people lately and it has torn me up and down about how I wish my life was like someone else’s. Not everything, but certain small things or attributes that I wish I had. I feel like when they start anything adventurous or new, everyone and their brothers want … More honesty hour v


Just wanted to share a short post because I said I would be writing more and, well, its week 3 of January and I’ve only written one post. I’ve written in my journal I think 4-6 times and I’ve copied notes into my book maybe twice. This month has been like most other January’s I’ve had: … More friyay


My year-in review of 2017 of what went wrong/right, my dislike of resolutions, my looking forward to 2018 and what it could potentially hold for me, and my goals that I hope to achieve in this year. … More twenty18